ZVSHK Product Award 2021

Bathroom-comfort for all generations

Every two years the ZVSHK Product Award honours bathroom products that are not only designed ideally but also increase the easiness of everyday life. They should be smoothly usable for people in old age or with disabilities. The products will be awarded by an international jury of experts in cooperation with the board of the European Institute for Design for All in Germany (EDAD). All the awarded and nominated submissions will be presented at the ISH trade fair (Frankfurt, March 2021) as a part of the ZVSHK exhibition stand.

Why focus on bathrooms?

Bathrooms are a key factor in ensuring that people can continue to live independently at home in old age. By 2030, it is estimated there will be a need for some 3 million barrier-free dwellings in Germany. The demand for attractive products and solutions for the bathroom that are functional, flexible, safe and comfortable to use for all generations is therefore set to increase considerably. ZVSHK awards with this prize products that are used by 24.000 members to built in at the customer and that meet those changing needs and living conditions while remaining on a high level of exquisite design.