Calling all product manufacturers!

Participation = exposure: the benefits of participation

The ISH is the world’s largest exposition on innovative bathroom design, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning technology. The ZVSHK Product Award offers manufacturers a very public platform for presenting their innovative visions, technical expertise and attractive designs. More than 2400 exhibitors from all over the world will present their newest innovations at the ISH 2017 to visitors from around the world and from a range of backgrounds. For plumbers and sanitary contractors in Germany homeowners, for example of detached and semi-detached houses, are an important customer group. The Verband Wohneigentum, the German Association of Homeowners, is a transfer partner for the competition. Through their membership magazine alone (print and online), award winners have the chance to reach to 350,000 homeowners.

Special benefits for award nominees

The ZVSHK Product Award along with all the nominated products will be accompanied up to the ISH in March 2017 by an extensive PR and media campaign. This includes regular publicity material sent out to the association’s 25,000 member businesses via internet, print media and newsletter. The nominated products will also receive a “Nominated for the ZVSHK Product Award 2017” label that the manufacturers may use to highlight their product.

Further benefits:

  • Multimedia presentation of the nominated products during the ISH
  • Reporting on the nominated products in the SBZ branch journal with a circulation of 34,000 copies
  • Feature in the official ISH 2017 online trade fair catalogue
  • Presentation in the ZVSHK News Magazine 2017 on “Barrier-free Bathrooms – Design for All Generations

Additional marketing effects for award winners

The award-winning products may use the label “ZVSHK Product Award 2017 Bathroom Design for All”, the award and the certificate in their marketing material.

National Marketing

The public award ceremony at the ISH 2017 is one of the highlights of the trade fair. To communicate the advantages of the products first-hand, the award-winning products will also feature in a travelling exhibition that will be seen by businesses and end consumers around the country.

Further marketing channels: 

  • The winning products will feature in the VDS German Sanitary Industry Association’s “Barrier-free Bathrooms” campaign aimed at end consumer
  • Product placement in the showrooms of relevant national wholesalers 
  • Presentation of the winning products as part of the national vocational training programme 
  • Online feature on the homepages of the ZVSHK and in relevant branch publications and professional journals
  • Product reports on the winners (manufacturers and products)

International Marketing

The nominated products and award winners benefit from the international communication networks of the European Institute for Design for All in Germany (EDAD), Design for All Europe (EIDD) and the Design for All Foundation.

Internationale Vermarktung

Die Preisträger finden mit ihren prämierten Produkten Eingang in die internationale Kommunikation von Design für Alle - Deutschland e.V. (EDAD), Design for All Europe (EIDD) und Design for All Foundation.