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Assessment Criteria – Design for All

The assessment criteria for the ZVSHK Product Award 2017 address the actual needs and wishes of everyone who directly uses the product. Products should be attractive to broad range of users and assist people in living independently in old age or when ill or impaired.

Product submissions (several submissions are possible) must therefore be attractive as well as easy to install, straightforward to maintain and above all intuitive to use or operate. 

To this end, our expert partner, Design für Alle – Deutschland e.V. (EDAD) has set out a series of key assessment criteria for judging product submissions:


A product must be straightforward and intuitive to use without requiring undue physical effort. Where appropriate, it should provide clear sensory feedback and be tolerant of incorrect usage.

Flexibility and adaptability

Design for All means that a product must be easy to use for a wide range of users, adaptable to suit individual requirements and, where appropriate, extendable with additional aids for special needs via an intelligent interface..

User-oriented development process

The future user should be the focus of the development process. The user-oriented design of a product means that is has been subject to documented usability testing with a range of possible users.

Aesthetic qualities

A product design should benefit all the product’s possible users. Products should neither stigmatise users with special needs nor disadvantage particular users with disabilities – and should be of a good and high-quality design.

Innovation and market feasibility

A prize-winning product is not just innovative and forward-looking but also well-made, simple to implement and easy to install.